PBA Conference

In comparison to the NBA, the PBA features three active conferences during each season. These conferences each have their own set of regulations that a basketball team must adhere to in order to compete. The following list of conferences can be found down below:

What Exactly is the PBA Conference?

In the Professional Basketball Association (PBA), each conference is a part of the league’s yearly schedule. A regular season and playoffs in the conference last for several months to decide the overall winner. The regular season is set up in a round-robin style, which means that every team plays every other team. This lets you see all of their strengths and flaws. The standings are always being changed based on wins, losses, and other measures of success.

Teams that did well in the regular season move on to the playoffs, where they compete in elimination rounds for the coveted conference title. The playoffs make the battle tougher, and in the end, the conference champion is crowned, a very important title in the PBA. This format keeps fans interested all year long and gives teams lots of chances to show off their skills and fight for the most prestigious title in each conference.

PBA Conference - Philippines Cup

Philippine Cup

Teams competing in the Philippine Cup, which is hosted by the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA), are not entitled to bring in any imports or international players of any kind. Prior to the 2004–2005 season, the competition was previously known as the PBA All-Filipino Cup. It is widely acknowledged as the least important competition out of the three competitions that comprise a PBA season. 

Commissioner's Cup

The Philippine Basketball Association hosts a competition known as the PBA Commissioner’s Cup every year. This tournament, which is also known as a “conference,” is one of the two tournaments in a PBA season in which clubs are permitted to hire a single foreign player, sometimes referred to as an “import.” The other competition is the PBA Governors Cup. The first edition of the event took place in 1993 and served as the second competition of the PBA season.

Governors Cup

Governor's Cup

The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) hosts a competition known as the Governors’ Cup every year. One of the two conferences, the other being the PBA Commissioner’s Cup, this competition is one of the two that permits clubs to hire a single import, or player from another country. The tournament was initially played for the first time in 1993 and served as the third conference of the PBA season.


The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) organizes a series of basketball tournaments known as the PBA Conference, which is the premier professional basketball league in the Philippines. It consists of multiple conferences throughout the year, each with its format and teams competing for the championship title.

A typical PBA season consists of several conferences, usually three to four. These conferences include the Philippine Cup, Commissioner’s Cup, Governors’ Cup, and occasionally other special tournaments or invitational cups.

Each conference in the PBA may have different rules, formats, and regulations. For example, the Philippine Cup is a conference where teams compete without imports (foreign players), while the Commissioner’s Cup allows each team to have at least one foreign player. The Governors’ Cup often allows teams to bring in imports, but the number and regulations may vary.

Teams in a PBA Conference typically play a series of elimination-round games against each other. The teams with the best win-loss records at the end of the elimination round advance to the playoffs. The playoff format may vary depending on the conference but often includes quarterfinals, semifinals, and a championship series.

The PBA Conference season typically runs throughout the year, with conferences starting and ending at different times. The schedule may vary slightly from year to year. Still, the Philippine Cup generally kicks off the season early in the year, followed by the Commissioner’s Cup and the Governors’ Cup, with occasional breaks and special tournaments interspersed throughout.

Yes, typically tickets are sold separately for each PBA Conference. You can check the PBA website or ticketing partner websites for specific details and pricing.

Yes, there are options to watch PBA games online. The PBA occasionally streams games for free on their official Facebook page. Additionally, some local cable providers offer online streaming services where you can view games with a valid subscription.

PBA games are known for their energetic atmosphere. Here are some things you can expect:

  • High-flying action: Filipino basketball is known for its fast-paced and skilled players, offering an exciting game experience.
  • Cheerleading squads: Each team has its own cheerleading squad that adds to the energy and entertainment value.
  • Celebrity sightings: Filipino celebrities are often spotted attending PBA games so that you might see some familiar faces.
  • Food and merchandise: Concession stands will be available for food and drinks, along with official team merchandise, to show your support.

The top teams from each conference qualify for the playoffs. The specific format can vary slightly depending on the season, but typically involves a best-of-seven series format where the team with four wins advances.

The PBA has a rich history with many iconic players. Some of the most well-known legends include:

  • Ahas Muhlach
  • Robert Jaworski
  • Alvin Patrimonio
  • Allan Caidic
  • Ramon Fernandez

This is not an exhaustive list, and there are many other PBA stars who have earned their place in basketball history.