PBA Conference

In comparison to the NBA, the PBA features three active conferences during each season. These conferences each have their own set of regulations that a basketball team must adhere to in order to compete. The following list of conferences can be found down below:

Philippine Cup

Teams competing in the Philippine Cup, which is hosted by the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA), are not entitled to bring in any imports or international players of any kind. Prior to the 2004–2005 season, the competition was previously known as the PBA All-Filipino Cup. It is widely acknowledged as the least important competition out of the three competitions that comprise a PBA season. 

Commissioner's Cup

The Philippine Basketball Association hosts a competition known as the PBA Commissioner’s Cup every year. This tournament, which is also known as a “conference,” is one of the two tournaments in a PBA season in which clubs are permitted to hire a single foreign player, sometimes referred to as an “import.” The other competition is the PBA Governors Cup. The first edition of the event took place in 1993 and served as the second competition of the PBA season.

Governor's Cup

The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) hosts a competition known as the Governors’ Cup every year. One of the two conferences, the other being the PBA Commissioner’s Cup, this competition is one of the two that permits clubs to hire a single import, or player from another country. The tournament was initially played for the first time in 1993 and served as the third conference of the PBA season.