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The All-Filipino Cup is the most important national team sport in the Philippines. Because of this, PBA betting is always through the roof, and the Philippine Cup is the best way to start the new PBA season. Since the Philippine Cup is the most popular of the three PBA conferences, every legitimate Philippine sportsbook has odds for every game on the schedule for every Philippine Cup game.

Most sportsbooks won’t let you bet on the Philippine Cup in the future right now because the 2022 elimination round just started. Most of the time, these books wait until the elimination round is over. For them to offer futures on the Philippine Cup Championship, odds on the MVP, odds on the best player, and so on.

Also, all the best sportsbooks in the Philippines always have betting lines up for the next PBA Philippine Cup games. You’ll get the usual main lines (Spread/Handicap, Straight Moneyline, Totals) and many different players and team props for each game. The best sites also let you bet while the game is going on, so you can bet from when the game starts to when it ends.

Trusted PBA All Filipino Cup Online Betting Sites

Our group of specialists on web-based sports wagering glanced through the Web to find the best sportsbooks that let individuals from the Philippines join. These websites have been checked to ensure they have licenses and observe the law.

We likewise take a gander at the wagering lines, kinds of wagers, security settings, client care choices, and whether you can wager in a hurry or progressively. Click on the connections in the table underneath to go to the locales you like. 

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Is it Legal to Wager on the PBA Philippine Cup?

Yes! It is 100% safe and legal to bet on Philippine Cup games online if you do that on reputable sportsbook websites based inside the Philippine borders. Remember that Philippine gambling laws say that local sportsbooks, like those run by OKBet, can offer online odds on Philippine sports and teams, but they don’t have nearly as many options and are only open to “VIP” members who are at least 21 years old.

So, even though these places have all the NBA betting odds and international boxing betting odds you could want, the PBA almost seems like a second or third-string sport. There are, of course, many more odds for the Philippine Cup on sports betting sites that are not based in the Philippines than on OKBet. These sites are open to players over 21, and the best ones are recommended here.

PBA Philippine Cup Explained

In the Philippine Cup, which is run by the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA), teams are not allowed to hire foreign players or imports. Before the 2004–05 season was called the PBA All-Filipino Cup. It is considered the best of the three conferences in a PBA season. The current champions of the conference are the San Miguel Beermen.

Since the 2006–07 season, the winners have been given the Jun Bernardino Trophy. The trophy is made of a 24-karat gold plate worth PHP 500,000. The winner gets to keep it for a year. Then, they’ll get a smaller version of the trophy. If a team wins three tournaments in a row, the team gets to keep the actual award instead of a copy. The medal is named after Jun Bernardino, who was the PBA commissioner.

The TNT Tropang Texters (2010–11 to 2012–13) and the San Miguel Beermen (2014–15 to 2018–19) are the leading groups in the historical backdrop of the league to have won the All-Filipino Conference at least three times in a row. TNT and San Miguel could keep the Bernardino Trophy for good by getting this recognition. TNT keeps the one from 2006, and San Miguel keeps the one from 2013.

In 1975 and 1976, the tournament was reclassified as an import-heavy conference. And because the league allowed lower-ranked teams to hire players from outside the society to improve their teams. The first tournament where teams couldn’t bring in or hire foreign players was in 1977.

There was not an All-Filipino Conference in 1981 and 1982.

PBA Philippine Cup Betting Odds

You also need to know about the different kinds of bets and how the odds work for online sports betting. The PBA betting odds show how likely it is that something will happen. There are something like three various types of PBA betting odds: fractional, decimal, and American, or money line odds.

There are three ways to show the odds, but they don’t change how much you can win. All of these PBA betting odds will only tell you how likely it is that something will happen.

All Filipino Cup Online Betting FAQs

There are numerous ways of wagering on the PBA, and some have huge payouts. We have recommended some of the top sportsbooks in the Philippines, such as OKBET. There are three games in the PBA season, so you have a lot of time to save. It would help if you found good odds.

Yes! All PBA basketball wagering is legitimate in the Philippines as long as it is done through licensed and regulated offshore gambling operators. Philippine law lets people gamble and bet on sports in the country, but not online or on Philippine sports or teams. So, the only way to legally bet on PBA games safely is to use an offshore book like the ones suggested here.

Legal restrictions prevented OKBet from providing odds on local teams, not only PBA basketball. But since 2020, when interest in online gaming took off on the islands, PAGCOR has relaxed the rules a little. Betting on Philippine Basketball Association teams is now available at OKBet, a popular online bookmaker in the Philippines.

OKBet Apps for sports betting aim to streamline the process of placing bets on your favorite teams so that you may do it from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet.

Playoffs are decided after one round of games, and each club plays 11 matches. After that, the teams are ranked based on their overall record of wins and losses.